What is a barcode? For retail products they are normally a unique 13 digit number displayed as vertical black lines. Barcodes allow computer scanners to quickly determine a particular product and therefore assign a price from a database.

Why do I need a retail barcode? Most stores nowadays have computerised checkouts for more efficient processing of orders. A unique retail barcode is required to make sure no other product has the same barcode.

What information is contained in a barcode? Nothing other than the unique 13 digit number. This number can be used to lookup a database which may contain price, colour, size, SKU, description or anything else you decide to put in the database.

How many retail barcodes do you need? You need need a unique barcode for each unique product. For example if you sell a shirt in 4 colours you will need 4 barcodes. If you sell a shirt in 2 sizes and each size has 4 colours you will need 8 barcodes. The store can then track inventory for each colour/size combination and even have different prices for each type of shirt if required.

What size should my retail barcode be? We send you the graphics files in the right sizes but they should be 37.29 mm x 25.93 mm in size (100%) or can be reduced to 29.83 mm x 20.74 mm in size (80%) if a smaller size if required.  See the below example for the 100%.
retail barcode example

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Do barcodes have to be boring? We have list of great examples non-boring barcodes here and we can even design them for you here.