Why Us?

We are Australian based, operated and owned.

Our barcodes have been used in stores for over 12 years. In that time they have been used in just about every product and store conceivable. Even the largest stores on the planet eg. Amazon, eBay, iTunes all have our barcodes in use today.

We are that confident that we will offer a better product and service than GS1 – Australia fees we have listed their fees compared to ours but you can check yourself at https://www.gs1au.org/how-to-get-started/

Number of Barcodes GS1 Price – 1 Year GS1 Price – 5 Years Our Price (Once off payment with no recurring yearly fees ever)
1 $264.00 $792.00 $24.95
2 $330.00 $1,122.00 $49.95
3 $396.00 $840.00 $74.90
4 $462.00 $1,782.00 $99.85 (buy 5 below as cheaper)
5 $528.00 $2,112.00 $89.95

GS1 – Australia fees are not feasible for small to medium sized businesses. You now have a legal alternative with a proven and trusted track record over 12 years.

Still not convinced we have the below comparisons also:

Key Points Retail Barcodes Australia GS1
Issue retail barcodes  green-156618_640  green-156618_640
Barcodes can be used worldwide  green-156618_640  green-156618_640
No membership paperwork  green-156618_640  cross-157492_640
No annual fees  green-156618_640  cross-157492_640
No joining fees  green-156618_640  cross-157492_640
Legal  green-156618_640  green-156618_640
Guaranteed unique numbers  green-156618_640  green-156618_640
Can arrange verification reports  green-156618_640  green-156618_640
Provide barcode images  green-156618_640  cross-157492_640
Fast delivery (normally 24 hrs) green-156618_640 cross-157492_640
Free Custom barcode image sizes (email us) green-156618_640 cross-157492_640
Can arrange custom barcode design here green-156618_640 cross-157492_640